When there are root diseases and we are not aware of it, an inflammation occurs in this area, which is known as a periodontal pocket. There the bacteria develop, and wreak havoc on the issue of people's health, this affects all the elements that support the tooth, which can even cause it to fall.

It is noteworthy that the symptoms of the periodontal pocket do not appear until after a long period of time has passed, and its changes are sometimes difficult to reverse. If you want to stop this disease and have optimal oral health, what is recommended is to perform a curettage or deep cleaning of the gums, this will eliminate the bacteria and provide all the conditions that are needed in a speedy recovery.

Curettage is very easy to explain. All root surfaces are scraped through an instrument called a curette. This removes all the accumulated tartar, and after smoothing it, it is completely free of impurities and bacteria.

Curettes are very varied instruments that vary depending on the area to be treated, having one element for each type of tooth, and differ in angulation, size and length. This with the aim of reaching the deepest corners of the bacteria, eliminating it completely without complication.

First, a local anesthetic is placed that allows access to the periodontal pockets, and then it is thoroughly cleaned. The accumulated tartar is removed to later smooth the root of the tooth, this process lasts 2 appointments, including from the study of oral health to the medical procedure.

These appointments will allow to evaluate the state of the gums, and the ideal antibiotic that will be in charge of solving all the problems that the patient's mouth contains. The bacteria will be completely eliminated, and you will be able to smile again without any limitation.

06 Sep, 2017

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