Implant Care

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants improve oral health and aesthetics. They are an effective and safe solution in terms of replacing teeth that have been lost (the pieces fulfill all the necessary functions just as natural teeth do. And they provide a perfect aesthetic appearance)


Here are some of its benefits:

- Dental implants can last between 20 and 25 years and, with good care, even accompany you for a lifetime.

- They are an excellent option to replace lost parts.

- The new teeth are firmly in the jawbone, ready to give you a perfect smile and help you keep your breath fresh.

- They are generally made with titanium, a material that adapts very well to the structure of the jaw.

              However, thanks to new technologies, Zirconium implants have begun to be developed, a material with a very high biological compatibility, which repels the accumulation of bacteria even more than titanium and is excellent for patients who do not tolerate the metal.

-They provide you with a perfect and healthy smile that goes far beyond aesthetics, since they considerably improve your quality of life.


And it is for all this that this procedure is considered the best advance in dental medicine in recent times.

Minimally invasive surgery techniques without discomfort allow a recovery in the shortest possible time with exceptional results.


To recover your smile, increase your security and improve your lifestyle, do not hesitate to ask us all your questions. We will be happy to inform you about everything related to dental implants.

Implant Care

Reasons why dental implants are the best option to restore lost parts

The most traditional treatments go through the placement of removable prostheses or bridges. However, dental implants offer countless advantages



Advantages of dental implants


1. Full integration
Implants are not natural teeth, but they are very similar. They behave, look and feel like they are.
The implant fuses with the bone, thus achieving great stability. And the crown perfectly mimics the tooth both in shape, size and color as well as in hardness, so that its functionality and appearance is the same as the missing piece had.

2. They protect the rest of the mouth
In this sense, dental implants offer a triple benefit. On the one hand, they prevent the disappearance of bone. When a piece is missing, the absence of stimulation in the area causes the body to stop regenerating and rebuilding the bone tissue, this implies not only functional but also aesthetic affectation, since the loss of bone causes the lips to retract.
On the other hand, the implants prevent the rest of the pieces from moving to occupy the gap generated. In this way, they will stay in place, thus avoiding mispositions that, in the long run, generate countless problems: premature wear of parts, jaw tension, etc.
And, thirdly, implants do not damage the rest of the teeth, as bridges do, since it is necessary to carve healthy pieces to hold them.

3. They are durable
Dental implants are made of particularly resistant materials. Following the guidelines given by the implantologist, following correct dental hygiene and attending the essential periodic check-ups, they will remain in perfect condition for many years.
In addition, no retouching will be necessary, even if another tooth is lost. This is not the case in removable prostheses, in which the deterioration of any of the teeth that serves as a support may force the appliance to be rectified or even replaced.

4. They are safe
Techniques in dental implantology have advanced a lot in recent years, so that the possibility of rejections or problems in dental implants is minimal if you go to a good specialist and follow the recommendations indicated. The implant success rate is very close to 100%.

 5. Solutions tailored to the patient.

Medical and technological advances, as well as the use of new materials, currently allow dental implant techniques to be very minimally invasive and to generate little discomfort after their placement.



Implant Care



Tobacco is known by all to be a risk to our health in general as people. Not only because of the risk of suffering from cardiovascular or respiratory diseases among others, but also because of the probability of being able to suffer from cancer as one of the most serious. That is why smoking is also the enemy of implants, threatening our oral health.

In our mouth the influence of tobacco does not provide benefits either. Nicotine can damage the mucosa or affect the salivary gland, it is more than proven that smokers accumulate more plaque and tartar.

The enemy of your implants we cannot deny that it is tobacco, starting with the fact that nicotine produces an alteration of the soft tissues in addition to a decrease in irrigation, making healing slower, increasing the risk of infection.

An implant is roughly a screw in the jaw bone. Osseointegration, this process is the most important because the success of the process depends on it, since it is when the implant is integrated into the bone. You must take a very correct oral hygiene and avoid infections.

Smokers in the osseointegration process have a greater chance of complications, not only because nicotine slows down the healing process, but also due to bacterial proliferation. We cannot forget that the effects on the mouth of tobacco are not good, from a greater predisposition to suffer from gum diseases due to the greater accumulation of plaque to more serious things, with which it all adds up.

The best advice and the first if you are going to undergo an implantology process is:

  • Stop smoking, but if it is not possible reduce consumption to a minimum during the first week after the operation.
  • Once a day floss and oral language.
  • Don't miss a review visit to make sure everything is going well
  • Lower your sugar intake.
  • Do not forget to consult with your specialist in case of any doubt or irregularity.

Omidental as specialists in implantology, gives you the best advice so that the procedure you have performed is always a complete success.

Put yourself in the hands of the best specialists so that you can regain your oral health.


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